COVID-19 Support

I need help

If you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, asked to self-quarantine, are part of a vulnerable group where social distancing has been recommended or are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, we want to support you in this time of need.

We’ll try our best to help you!

I'm ready to help

We believe now is the time for the Church to be generous and compassionate to our neighbours. Here are some practical ways you can be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in our community.

Help Your Neighbours 

Please check in on your neighbours. Ask them how they are feeling about the coronavirus and if they would like your help. You may be able to run an errand, pick up medication, deliver a meal, or help them get to an appointment. If you’re shy or worried about social distancing, drop off a card with your contact information at their doorstep. 

Consider joining Nextdoor to connect with your neighbours virtually. 

Prepare a Care Package

We’re looking to prepare care packages for those who come to the church in need. If you’re able to help, here’s what to do in 3 simple steps:  

  1. Prepare a care package with the recommended items. 
  2. Fill out the care package form below. 
  3. Package your bag and leave outside your front door on Wednesday. 

Care packages will be picked up by volunteers with personal protective equipment on Wednesday evening. This is a contactless pickup and we can’t specify a pickup time.

Click here to watch a video to learn more!
Please note, care packages are in addition to our food pantry, which is still operating every first and third Saturday. 

How can I give online?

You can now give online by sending an e-transfer to the church. Please send donations online to: and use the password: thrive

For further help, please email

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